5 Ways Your Business can Benefit from Testimonials

Testimonials have been around before they were called “testimonials.” People have always shared their opinions about a product or service with friends and family, but showcasing it in a way we all know today is a relatively new concept. Testimonials are just another medium of showing off your business from the perspective of the customer. People love to hear from those they relate to and who is more relatable than a fellow customer? Here are five benefits of testimonials for your brand.

1. Customers Trust Other Customers 

In fact, 92% of customers read online reviews before buying so the opinion of other fellow customers matters tremendously. Just think about the last product or service you purchased. Did you look at reviews or testimonials before buying? Most likely your answer is yes because that’s how much customers trust in their counterparts. These testimonials are often true and can heavily sway a person’s opinion after consuming the information. That’s why 88% of consumers say reviews influence their online purchasing decisions. If you are a business owner, that’s a statistic you can’t just ignore because testimonials are proven to drive revenue and conversion.


2. Drive Revenue and Conversion

Testimonials increase the confidence in your product or service, but they can also resolve any objections a potential customer might have leading to more conversions. Business owners using customer testimonials regularly can generate approximately 62% more revenue. Not only does every customer produce more revenue, but they also produce it every time they visit your brand. As a matter of fact, when a testimonial is present on a sales page, conversions are increased by 34%. Numbers don’t lie. When potential customers visit a brand and see testimonials, they are much more likely to buy. This in return will eventually drive up web traffic and improve your SEO.  



3. Improve SEO and Web Traffic

According to Big Commerce, listing 10 or more reviews increased traffic 15 to 20% on Google Business listings, and the more reviews the better! 50 or more reviews per product can mean a 4.6% increase in conversion rates. Brands know that testimonials convert and will even go as far as to use reviews in their advertising. Testimonials will also cause customers to share their thoughts on social channels, further increasing your brand’s reach. 


4. Increase Social Presence

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are perfect places to share opinions on brands and build trust with customers. Building trust in your social audience is an important factor in getting social proof or otherwise known as informational social influence. More people will see your brand through trusted sources they are used to listening to like their friends and family. In fact, 82% of Americans ask for referrals and recommendations from family and friends before making any kind of purchase. When sharing your brand’s testimonials on your website and social platforms, the best and most effective way to do that is through video. 


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5. Video Testimonials are Fast and Effective

Video content in general is easier and faster to consume than other types of media. According to Forbes, 70% of marketers say video converts better than any other medium proving that they prefer video because it works. Think about the last time you’ve watched a video for a product or service you were interested in buying. Did it help you shape your purchasing decision? Most likely it did because 90% of users say that seeing a video about a product is helpful for making decisions. Video testimonials are usually shared more often generating more views and are seen as more trustworthy because it is generally harder to fake. 


Be on the lookout for our next blog post on the benefits of video testimonials and how they were one of the highest converting marketing strategies of 2021!

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