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In today's day and age, marketing and branding is everything when it comes to having a successful business and a successful site. And it's easy to get lost within the convoluted terminology and the complexity of digital marketing when you're just trying to get your business off of the ground. There is an assortment of ways to go about marketing and branding your business. From digital content such as pillar pages and blog posts (such as this one) to developing testimonial videos to full-blown marketing campaigns, it can sometimes be challenging when trying to find the right option for your business or site. Luckily for you, there's one answer that never fails: promotional videos.


Now, you may be asking yourself what exactly a promotional video is. As its name would suggest, a promotional video is a video designed to promote a particular service or product your business or site is offering. Think of it as a shorter commercial that you can put on your website social media accounts. These videos can not only get your name and brand out to a broader audience, but they can also establish a connection with your consumer base, setting your business apart from your competitors. Sounds simple enough, right? That's because it is. Here is everything you need to know in order to produce a high-quality promotional video. 

Person holding product to use in promotional video.

Back To The Basics 

At the heart of any good promotional video is a central idea that drives that video into creation. Before you start writing, it's usually a good idea to decide on an overall goal for your video. This could be anything from generating sales to having a specific call to action fulfilled. Whatever your goal is, you have to understand it before writing your script. Identifying a goal before making any concrete decisions will only benefit your video and help drive your overall goal forward. For a detailed guide to producing a promotional video you can view this step by step guide.


So, you have your idea and now it's time to move forward with it. It's important to decide on what you want from your video and how you can get that want fulfilled. Before exclaiming action and rolling your video, you must decide what direction you want to take your video and how long it should be. When you get an ultimate direction and decide on duration, you'll be able to produce an effective and compelling promotional video that will generate more leads for your business and attract a broader audience to your site.  


Types Of Promotional Videos 

Like any other form of video, promotional videos have a variety of different forms and types. These usually change depending on your goal or what you want out of your promotional video. For example, for the launch of a new product, you may want to make a product video that can focus on the specifics of said product. To capture a testimonial from a pleased client or customer, you will want to film a testimonial video. All of these promotional videos serve different reasons and are filmed and produced differently. In order to understand what type of promotional video you need, you should go back to the beginning to decide what you want out of your promotional video and how to go about getting that. 


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