Improving Your Site With Video

Everyone loves a good video. Whether it be a film or a ten-minute video, we all love video content. But we've all used this art form up as just entertainment when it can be used for so much more. 


Through compelling video, you're likely to convert new customers to your business and site while also entrancing them to fulfill any call to action that your site markets. In the end, this will increase the success rate of your site, improving the proficiency of your site.


Video Content To Market Your Brand 

Within the past decade, the popularity of video content has increased tremendously among most digital users. It's not hard to see why, either. Video content is both engaging and compelling, with little to no effort having to be put in. This could range from stories on Snapchat or Instagram to fully-fledged videos on Youtube. When it comes to marketing your brand or company, you must keep and hold your audience's attention. And what better way to do this than by producing a fun, interactive video that doesn't need a lot of effort put forth and isn't that time-consuming. It has been proven that most users prefer videos over long, drawn-out blog posts or newsletters. They believe it to be more engaging and less time consuming, thus more effective.


Mobile video playing on a smart phone.


Appealing To Mobile Users 

Most of any site's traffic comes through mobile users. With the number of smartphones and tablets being used in the world, this shouldn't come as any surprise. This is why it is absolutely imperative that any site is mobile friendly. Without a mobile-friendly interface, you're at risk of losing a substantial amount of traffic, thus reducing the number of conversions your site gains. This is especially true when it comes to adding video content to your site. 


Video content is the perfect way to appeal to mobile users, as most videos are formatted for any type of screen. This will make your site mobile friendly and open to all kinds of users. With mobile-friendly video, you'll increase your site's conversions while also being able to market a call to action. 


Up close photo of smart phone showing social media mobile apps


Encouraging Social Shares 

No one will buy what you have to offer until you give them a reason to buy it. You can market your product or service in an assortment of ways. From billboards to an advertisement, the possibilities are seemingly endless. The most successful method, however, has to be through the form of video content. 


We've already discussed how videos are able to engage and compel users in ways that other forms of media cannot. So why wouldn't you use this to sell your users something when you already have their attention? Most sites put advertisements or links to their social media outlets at the end of their video content. This gives the user the opportunity to learn more about your business or organization while also giving your business more likes and followers. 


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