How To Shoot High Quality Testimonial Video

Within the world of marketing, video is one of the most powerful marketing tools. It has the power to unite us, bring us together, and show us new ideas and places. It has the power to teach us ideals and show us the world. So with this unlimited potential, why wouldn't you utilize this art form to strengthen your marketing strategy? Over the past several years, the use of testimonial video has grown increasingly popular when it comes to marketing your brand or business. 


Testimonial Videos: What Are They And Why Use Them

Testimonial videos are essentially videos that record clients or customers praising your business or organization. This could be them explaining what your company does or what they like about your company or service. While this process may sound simple, there are actually various moving parts that go behind filming and editing a testimonial video. The benefits of a testimonial video can help your business grow and strive, but if they are done poorly, they can damage your brand and your company's look. Luckily for you, this is where we come in to help. Here are a few prominent tips on producing high-quality testimonial videos. 


Using The Right Equipment 

Now, this may seem obvious, but you would be surprised how many people end up shooting their testimonial videos with the wrong equipment. Most businesses and companies want the videos done quickly and cheaply. With this mindset, the video will usually come out shoddy and amateurish. In order to avoid this simple yet crippling mistake, you have to ensure that the equipment you use is of high quality. Now, we're not saying take out your entire life's savings and go buy the most expensive camera on the market. There are plenty of options to shoot your video on a modest budget. A popular choice is to use a rental service and rent all your equipment for one or two days. If you end up going this route, it would be a good idea to shoot multiple testimonial videos a day. 


Keep Your Video Short And Simple 

The number one reason people love video content so much is that they take little effort and little time to take in. Why would you waste ten minutes of your life reading some elaborate blog post (as you are now) instead of watching a video with the same information? It has been proven that most users prefer short and simple videos over elongated and convoluted videos. This same principle applies to the making of testimonial videos. While most testimonial videos are already short to begin with, there have been numerous instances where companies get carried away and end up producing a testimonial that's way too long. A good goal is to have your video end up being between two and three minutes. This gives you enough time to get enough information about your company and what it does without ever feeling unnecessarily long or confusing. It's a good idea to get as much footage as you can, so it will be in the editing room where you will get your video down between two and three minutes. 


Testimonials cultivate a bridge of trust and credibility for your business by establishing a relationship with your customers. Brands that build these relationships with their customers develop an emotional connection with them, leading to stronger testimonials. Testimonial videos can be a powerful marketing tool that can be used to persuade prospective customers by recalling authentic elements of your products or services.


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