How To Shoot A Great About Us Video For Your Business

So you've decided to start your own business. You've discovered the perfect idea for a product or service. You've saved enough to start. You've even already ordered a deck of fancy business cards. Everything's perfect. Well, almost perfect. Now you have to get your business out there for people to know about it. And what better way to get people to notice you than with a perfectly produced video!

CFF Media has an impressive track record when it comes to producing, shooting, and even editing About Us for an assortment of companies. Not sure what an About Us video is? Well, don't worry, that's why we're here. As its name implies, an About Us video is a video that explains what your business does and how it's different from its competitors. But like every other kind of video, there's a distinct craft that goes behind producing these About Us videos. It may seem a bit overwhelming, but that's why we're here to help. Here are the secrets to making a great About Us video for your business.


Focus On The ‘Why’

Every business is formed for a reason. Facebook was created to keep us all connected. McDonald's to feed us quickly and thoroughly. Regal Cinemas to entertain us. While all of these companies are vastly different, they share the one similarity of having a purpose. So you have to ask yourself one simple question: Why? Why does your business do or sell what it does? If you don't have a good answer to that question, you don't have a business. About Us videos focus on both the reason for your business' existence but also for why your company exists. Most people get caught up in their company's tiny details and never focus on why they are doing what they are doing. The most important part of an About Us video is to show why your company does what it does.

Corporate workplace employees collaborating on about us video.

Keep It Professional

We all know that professional video can be incredibly pricey (we should know better than anyone). With all the equipment, time, and effort, most people worry too much about the price tag and not enough about the quality of their video. While we're not saying to drop close to a million dollars on your About Us video, you need to toe the line between quality and saving a buck or two. The biggest mistake anyone makes when it comes to producing an About Us video is that they get too worried about the price of it all and not about the quality of the video. Nobody likes to watch an amateur video because it makes them nauseous. You wouldn't want to watch an About Us video that was shot on your Grandmother's home video camera, would you? Of course not! Then why would you put your prospective client base through that? It's okay to set a realistic budget and splurge on production value in order to get the best possible video for your company.


Customers will often search for your website and take a look at your ‘About Us’ page to see what you have to offer. It’s your job to seize the moment and have them clearly understand your business by the time they are done. 

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