Best Photography and Videography Rental Sites

Renting a space for videography and photography can be a perfect way to serve your clientele without having to provide your own space. As previously mentioned in our last blog post, studio rentals can be a great way to network and very lucrative for your small business. There are plenty of websites to choose from when renting a photography studio, comparing prices and providing detailed information, making your job easier! Here are a few of the best sites we use to host our own studio!


Peerspace is a great website to share spaces with local photographers, videographers, and business owners. It allows users a site that's easy to navigate and find the perfect space that meets their needs. You can even filter your search based on a number of different factors including amenities, equipment provided, and style.

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Giggster is very similar to Peerspace, except Giggster tends to be more focused on photography and videography productions. Rather than your typical studio space, Giggster offers production sets (i.e. luxury homes) or locations one might need for a movie or commercial. If you are looking for that perfect home to film at or a specific location, then Giggster is the site for you.

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CineSpot, while fairly new, has made a significant dent in the world of studio renting. Like Giggster, CineSpot is focused on creative productions like photography and videography. Most of the rentals from CineSpot involve a cast and crew, however, there are spaces (like ours) that host local photographers and videographers. Many of the spaces can start to get pricey, however, if you are just looking for a studio to take pictures for your clientele, it can be very affordable.

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If you are in the market to rent a studio for your next photography job, look no further! Book our studio through Peerspace to receive $50 off your first booking!

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