Benefits of an About Us Video

When you launch a business, one of the first things to consider is how to introduce yourself. On a local level, the process is relatively easy: go into your neighborhood and let residents know you’re open. While this is an option, there is another way to promote your business. Recording a business profile on video gives you the opportunity to introduce your business while reaching a wider audience compared to going door to door. Here are some of the benefits of creating an About Us video for your company.

Ability To Be Viewed Anywhere

When you record an About Us video, the placement of it doesn’t have to be limited to your website alone. If it’s on a site such as YouTube or Vimeo, it can serve as a trailer for your channel. It also can be great to pin to the top of your profile on social media. This can serve as a way to get new leads from Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin. In addition, videos can be shared via e-mail. In addition to being shareable, an About Us video can be shortened and repurposed for other marketing strategies.

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Give Details About Your Business Quickly

The general recommendation of the length of an introductory video is 2-3 minutes. While that may not seem like a lot of time, a business can pack a lot of information in that span. Having an About Us video gives customers an overview of your business, which can help them decide quickly and easily if they are interested in your services. Think of it as a pitch presentation, except in a digital format. By summarizing the main points of your business in a video, you can spend more time working with clients to explain how you best fit their needs.

Allows You to Be Creative

A benefit to creating an intro video that most companies don’t think about is that it allows them to be creative. This can be helpful from a search standpoint as more creative videos tend to have higher engagement rates. There are numerous ways to increase creativity; for example, adding animations or using on-screen text to highlight specific elements. If you intend on having a voiceover for the video, consider adding captions or subtitles to accommodate hard-of-hearing viewers or those that prefer to watch on mute.

Increased Trust

Customers prefer to shop at places they trust. Having a video that explains who you are and what you do gives potential visitors a face to associate with your company, adding a sense of credibility. There is also a sense of professionalism from wanting to show visually why they should be selected for business instead of just writing it on a web page. It also allows you to display the experience that a customer will receive from you. This can be a positive for building trust in your brand as a whole.

Video Leads to Higher SEO

When developing a marketing strategy, including video should be a major part. Studies have shown that adding video to a website can boost its organic traffic by 157%. From an engagement standpoint, there is an increase as a good video encourages visitors to stay on your site longer. This signals to search engines that there is high-quality content on your website. You should ensure that the title of your video is optimized for SEO, which better increases the visibility of your site.


Adding an introductory video should be high on the list of ideas for businesses to improve their marketing. By recording a quality video that fully explains why people should trust your products or services, you can attract scores of new customers, and increase the visibility of your brand.

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